Friday, December 25, 2009


Wow, the past month and a half has flown by. You'll have to excuse the lack of entries. Building your own kitchen is probably one of the most difficult and surprising undertakings. Luckily i've had some amazing help, thanks to George and Colin. There's been many obstacles that have stood in our way of opening, issues with by-law enforcers, meeting specific criteria that the city of Burlington didn't share until the last minute - a grease trap! What the heck! Oh, and our website. I can't believe these guys at Canaca. Pricks I tells ya. They've chosen to withhold pertinent password information thus making it impossible for me to upload our website. Call them you say? I wish I could leave a message, the only option provided is "please send us an email stating the urgency of your matter, urgent, medium, and something else. No dice, it's been almost three weeks and no response. I'm paying for a website that I don't even have. Crockery. Today (christmas day) has been the only day that George and I have had off in the past two or more weeks. We've been putting in 16 or more hour days. But slowly it's starting to pay off because come Monday we'll be rolling out the full menu. There's still a plethora of work to be done in between now and then but the light of the tunnel is getting bigger, big enough that I can see the entrance to the other tunnel approaching hastily. With that said, here's a bunch of pictures of recent developments. We'll have specials taking place during the first week of service so be sure to come out and get a plate of delicious, nutritional, prepared from scratch food. Also, be sure to check out Kula. Their facility is beautiful and their introductory special is beyond a great deal.