Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back in action

So the past two months have been, let's say, interesting. As some of you may or may not know I sustained an injury which has put me out of commission for two months. I severed the flexor tendon in my left thumb which led to a couple of operations and substantial rehabilitation.
I tried to come back to work a few days after the first operation, but it was nearly impossible to carry on as usual without the thumb - the 'billy club' cast I had on didn't help much either. I must have aggravated my thumb shortly thereafter because it turned out that the repair had ruptured and I needed to go in for the same procedure.
So, my doctors, therapists and loved ones had decreed that I take six weeks off to heal without any complications. I hung up the apron, put away the knives, and closed up shop not knowing what to expect.
The first few weeks were quite difficult. Besides the physical pain, it was at times an emotional and psychological roller coaster ride. It never occurred to me how important our thumbs - or any part of our body for that matter - are. Truthfully, the thought of not being able to use my thumb spooked me a bit. I use my hands for everything, and in a way I took that for granted. No cooking, no guitar, no drums, no rock climbing, no yoga!? At some point, you have to except what's happened and be grateful for what you do have. It is also just as important to experience discomfort and hardship as it is being the master of ones domain.
Thankfully I was able to catch up on some down time and start seeing to tasks that being in the kitchen kept me from. We developed a new website, and are rolling out several promotions and programs. I'm extremely excited to see how the community garden program works out as well as something I'm calling the 'spiritual dialogue' group - more to come on that.
I intended on this being a quick post. I happen to be at work right now and I've got to get back to preparing food!
Here are some things to lookout for in the next couple of weeks: A new menu which includes raw cheese platters, burgers, salads, desserts, wraps, and other goodies. We'll also be doing hearty warm soups and adding a few more items to the cooked side of our menu. Monthly and weekly challenges, as well as detox and juice fast cleanses. Be sure to check out the menu at and stay tuned for more posts, pictures, recipes and anything else. Take care!!!


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