Sunday, November 7, 2010

Community, wha!!!!

Sunday! I don't know what it is about this day, but it has forever been one of rest for me. It's nearly impossible for me to just sit still and do nothing, but dang does it feel good. This, of course, is after having gone to the gym. I believe that one should use their body in some physical capacity on a daily basis, or as often as ones schedule permits.
So, i'm just hanging out, watching 'Lords of Dogtown' when I happened to pick up my laptop to check my facebook. My brother posted a song on my wall which encapsulates a vision of a community garden I have for the residents and businesses of Burlington - or anywhere for that matter. In the video you see a broken down community, come together and interact with each other with such earnest peace and respect while transforming a plot of land into a beautiful garden.
This idea keeps permeating in my mind. For some reason this, and another idea which I'll share with you in awhile, keeps popping up in my mind. It just feels like something that needs to, and will be done in some way shape or form. I've always loved gardening. My brother and I always helped my dad till the soil every new year. So, in a way it's been engrained from an early age. I really believe that a project like this is empowering and transformative in ways that words cannot describe. With that said, please check out this video AND read the ad for the community garden that is waiting to be fructified.

Also, on another note. My first week back has been very productive, interesting, and tiring. I'll post a new update in the new few days about it.!

Plant a seed. Empower a life. Make a difference. This year, help Wild Seed build a community shared garden right here in Burlington.

The benefits of supporting and participating in a community garden are extensive. Community gardens are a valuable social venue where we can all get to know one another, and build a sense of community and belonging.

By working together for a common purpose, community gardeners learn to make communal decisions, solve problems and negotiate with one another.

Collective gardening increases the sense of ownership and stewardship that is inherent in us all, and fosters the development of community identity and spirit.

Leave an environmental legacy. By participating in a community garden we can begin to offset our environmental impact by replacing what we take with fresh oxygen and large quantities of organic waste. All of which can be transformed into healthy fertilizer and be recycled back into the Earth.

Challenge yourself and try something new. Hit the dirt and get those minds and muscles working to build healthy, economical and local sustainable food. Urban agriculture is 3-5 times more productive than traditional farming methods and why not provide yourself, families and friends with nutritionally dense organic foods.

Wild Seed is seeking sincere individuals to help form a planning committee. The committee will over see many of the planning stages necessary for such a project to come to fruition. The committee once established will over look topics such as:

-Choosing a site

-Preparing and Developing the site




-Gardening Organisation

-And more

If any of these positions resonate with you please contact, Peter Niculescu at Wild Seed by way of email:, phone: 905.637.4908, or in person at Wild Seed.

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