Sunday, November 21, 2010

'may i be Frank'

I came across this wicked video today. It's a documentary called 'may i be Frank'. It's a story about an overweight middle aged man who confronts a lot of his fears and insecurities about his body, mind and soul. It's a very warm, compelling and extremely moving story. It speaks volumes about what we are all capable of doing and achieving. In an interview, Frank said something that's really simple but makes a lot of sense. It was along the lines of 'life is not a destination'. It's occurring all the time. Even when we accomplish our goals it still requires time and dedication to keep them sustained and to evolve and grow. That really hit home for me. I really believe in the saying 'never a teacher, always a student'. So, please check out the link below and be prepared to be moved. Also, just a reminder that our 1 year anniversary is coming up. Check out the poster below and join us in our celebratory festivities.

The 'may i be Frank' link is directly below.

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